Mrs P – Milnrow

Two bedrooms were fitted in this dormer bungalow in Milnrow, Rochdale, making excellent use of available space.

Bedroom one: upstairs. The upstairs space in this bungalow is very unusual so our designers used all their skills to maximise the useful storage in this combined bedroom and office space. Natural Calvados External Woodgrain furniture was fitted, with internal hanging rails and shelves, set off by chrome handles to match the existing home fittings. The wardrobes are shaped within the roof space for extra storage. A practical desk and office area fills the naturally-lit window space, with a slimline storage unit allowing good clearance for the large bed.

Bedroom two: downstairs. The main bedroom combines beautiful Grey Nebraska Oak External Woodgrain with white gloss doors and chrome handles, for a bright, comfortable look. All the wardrobes contain internal hanging rails, shelves and internal drawer packs were also installed.

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