Ms W Middleton

In this bedroom transformation, Ms W wanted to achieve a clean geometric room with acres of storage. We were delighted to help her achieve her goals.

The house has high rooms, so we designed a brand new set of fitted units, scribed to the ceiling which instantly delivers massive spaces for clothes and belongings. Two main units, with three sliding doors in one and two doors in the other are finished in Anthracite Mountain Larch with Venice Polished Silver tracks allowing the doors to slide effortlessly and close softly.

The wardrobe internals have been customised to completely suit Ms W’s needs, with a mixture of open shelved storage and hanging space which can be used in a multitude of ways.

Two small bedside units add comfort and convenience at bedtime, completing a bedroom which is now a neat, comfortable and welcoming space where the day can begin and end in total relaxation.

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